*Wipes dust off community*

A long, long time ago, I promised essensuell and miss_nightowl that I'd upload some videos and post them here. At least half a year later (when I'm sure everyone involved has forgotten all about it) I am finally getting around to it.

Anyway, first up is a video that I made in cooperation with essensuell two or three summers ago, when we had nothing to do and realized that the only fun you'll ever have is the one you create yourself. The result became this crack!vid with a song from a musical episode of The Simpsons. I hope y'all enjoy! :)

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If for some reason the whole embedded thing doesn't work for you, here's the link to the YouTube page itself.
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Icon voting

I've finally pulled my act together (sorry for being extremely late), so here's the icons for the very first icon contest at captionage! :)
You can vote for two icons, obviously excluding your own ;) Voting ends next wednesday.

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just posting a little reminder for the icon contest. I think we'll have a deadline till this saturday. :)

Contributions are posted with a comment on the original icon contest-entry, which should be right below this one, so I'm not going to be bothered into linking it ;)

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Icon contest!! :D

Hello ya'll! :)

I think it's time for our first icon contest, well, at least with some good help from miss_nightowl who suggested I'd get around to start a contest.

  • You can use screencaps from the whole Trilogy
  • Brushes and textures are allowed
  • You must use some part of the lyrics from Tom McRae - Overthrown, lyrics can be found here.
  • No animations ;)
  • No more than two icons per person

Since we are a very small community still (anyone's more than welcome to do a bit of pimping), I think we'll keep the contest going at least till 15th of Febuary, or longer if it's neccessary.

Comments are screened, so submit your icon by commenting this entry!

Yup, that should be all, if there's some questions, just ask! :)

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Hi, and welcome to Captionage, a community for sharing your captions with others.

All new members must read the rules before joining.


What do we mean by captioning?

  • When we caption something, we put a funny text to a picture. This can be a single comment to a picture, a captionstory where you'll use the images to make your own story, comments to a screencapped movie, a photomanip, the keyword is funny. This is no new phenomena, Bagginses is one of the best sites with LOTR-captions, you should get the idea of what a caption is if you go there and check it out.

There will also be icon contests, caption contests etc. every now and then, and you can of course share your own graphics, icons etc here if you feel like it.

The main priority is to have fun :)

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the wishlist & recommandation-post.

If you have a movie you would like to see as one of the weekly guestappearances, this is the place to reply and let us know! :)

The movie will then be put up in one of the polls for new movies as soon as we can manage.

- Keep in mind that it should be a movie that most people know, though it doesn't have to be one of the top five blockbusters.